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About Me

Hi, I'm Trouble. Well, my real name is Tracy and I am a mommy-scientist-professor-in-training. My husband christened me with the name 'Trouble' ages ago in our courting stage. Ironically, I hate trouble and all of trouble's nasty friends. Nothing makes me more anxious than the thought of getting in trouble.  Even now, at 32 years old, my heart rate rises rapidly and my stomach turns instantly sour with a forecast of unrest. I prefer peace-keeping and still waters, myself. Luckily the amount of trouble I got in peaked in my mid-teens, along with my hormone levels, and has since followed an inversely proportional slope to my age. This endearing moniker, however, has stuck ever since my husband announced (*Warning*: I'm about to get sappy on you!) that he knew he was in trouble from the minute he met me.

And this blog is my tribune, my platform, the place where I see things from. I have no real plan for this blog when I started it, other than the fact that I like to write occasionally and thought it might be a good way to stay in touch with people far away. I refer to it as being about 'current events and other ramblings' (and since this is such a vague description it probably works). Hopefully, like all good things, it will be evolving over time. We have an adorable three year old daughter and sweet one year old son who keep us on our toes. We are in the process of repatriating after having spent nearly 5 years living half a world away from friends and family in Singapore (Nope, its not China, folks). So far, it's been great. My favorite part of all of this is that I find so many memories that I want to hold on to and share simultaneously. This blog has provided a medium for this and a way to connect with others who have or are going through similar experiences. Speaking of which, I love to hear from you so please feel free to comment or email!