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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Gone Fishin'

This 4th of July, we were lucky enough to spend a few days with my in-laws at the beautiful Lake Geneva, WI. We had a wonderful time doing American things, like eating and swimming and boating (I guess these things aren't really 'American' per se, but they were done in America, so close enough, right?) Our favorite pastime done over the long weekend was taking the kids fishing for their first time ever. They LOVED it. Of course, it helped that all of the big kids were enjoying themselves and that fish were being pulled out of the lake left and right. Adrienne caught her first fish with the help of her big cousin (and by 'help' of course I mean he did everything except take the picture shown below) and made herself useful by picking worms from the dirt boxes. Happily for the fish (but not so much for the worms), she was throwing every other worm overboard unhooked and watching as the fish gobbled them up. Nate was fascinated by the whole event and eager to help his dad out with the fishing. Luckily they caught several little fish, making the experience very rewarding. When I later showed Nate the pictures of him fishing, he pointed straight at the fish and said, as clear as a bell, "Shark!". And so we now know with certainty that the male art of inflating the catch is rooted somewhere in those Y genes because it is definitely not something that we could have taught to Nate yet. Despite no official invite yet, we are planning the same time same place next 4th of July!

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